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A medium who couldn’t cope

A medium who couldn’t cope by BeWitchy Jane started reading cards as a child… her mother was an avid reader, who took the practice quite seriously. Relying on the cards for future direction. What her mother did not know and did not have the knowledge to teach her daughter was the power of protection. The family was regularly haunted in…

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Witchy Kids Parties

THE MENU Download and Print the free printables for the Witches Party on our website. See www.BeWitchy.com and subscribe to receive the pdf via email. We keep it simple recipe ideas! Red Potions Drink Melted Upside Down Witches Toffee Dip & Apples Witchy Meatball Sliders Severed Witchy Fingers Gather your entire grocery/ingredient list and go shopping! Prep. Cook Set up…

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BeWitchy Kitchen Witches

Understanding Kitchen Witchery. So before we get all down and dirty, let’s talk kitchen witchery. What is it? How do we do it? When does cooking become more than just cooking? Why of course, it’s when you stir in a little magic. Many of the ingredients you use to make your enchanting meals, also have magical attributes. Now what sets just…

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You know the truth of the matter is, often you need really very little… it depends what magic you want to do. What you feel the most comfortable with etc. But let’s break down some of the most common tools used. Some suggested Witchcraft Items & Tools   An Altar An altar is simply a special area that’s used for…

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