You know the truth of the matter is, often you need really very little… it depends what magic you want to do. What you feel the most comfortable with etc. But let’s break down some of the most common tools used.

Some suggested Witchcraft Items & Tools


An Altar

An altar is simply a special area that’s used for spell casting.

Altars can be used by all types of witches/spell casters.

It is totally up to you whether you decorate your altar, what with and what shape – none of that matters to us but it will to you.

You can decorate with colored cloths, crystals, statues of your favorite deity or otherwise. It can be subtle so as to hide your true path from the mundane or as loud and as proud as you want.



Amulets are used to protect the spell caster from any evil influences or bounce back (backfire) that may be lingering or happen as a result of poor spellmanship – sometimes

happens to newbies or the less experienced.

Amulets can also come in the form of a horseshoe or a piece of jewellery decorated with a precious stone or made from a metal

that corresponds to the witches astrological sign.

A rabbit’s foot, a seashell, trees, plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables, stones (mundane, semi-precious and precious) – anything that the wearer believes to be ‘lucky’.



The athame is a double edged ritual knife, about six inches long. However this can vary and some people simply use a knife – specifically chosen for comfort or cost. It is usually blunt because the only thing it is used to cut is energy.

Some use a blunt envelope opening knife as well.



Baskets can be used simply to carry the contents of the items used for a spell – one would carry this into the circle, if using one.


Bath Salts

Bath salts and oils are usually added to a ritual bath, taken before starting to weave spells, to put the spell caster in a suitably relaxed frame of mind. We highly recommend this process as part of your spell casting.



A bell is often rung at the beginning of a ritual when calling the four quarters and at the end to tell the elements to return to their realms, after they have been thanked for their attendance at the ritual. They can also just be used in general to break the energy, end a circle or to call out to certain deities. Depends on your path etc.



The Boline has a white handle and a curved blade. It is used to cut plants and herbs, wands and the other things that need to be cut as part of making magic.

Some people like to ask the plant’s permission before cutting and thank it for its generosity afterwards. And pay extra care and attention to do so gently.


Book Of Shadows (also referred to as a BOS)

The Book of Shadows, also know as a grimoire, is the journal or book in which witches keep a record of the spells they cast, the ones they want to even, the chants and invocations they use, the dreams they dream and other matters that are pertinent to their personal magic making, incl. use of tools and other magical references ie tarot cards, crystal balls, runes etc.



Bowls are very necessary items in the witch’s cupboard. One is used to keep salt and another for water, but the efficient witch usually has several more to hand just in case – for herbs, oils, powders etc.



Broomsticks are usually the first thing that people think of when the word ‘witch’ is mentioned. It is hard to stop the mental picture of a black robed, big nosed, scary looking crone zooming across the night sky coming to mind. Broomsticks are traditionally known as besoms in the world of witchcraft, and are much more than a made up mode of transport. They are in fact used to sweep out negative influences from the area before casting spells. Used to sweep negative influences and energy from a witches home in general as well! So keep one handy. 😉



A burin is a sharp pointed instrument for inscribing candles and other magical objects and is often more practical than a boline, especially when inscribing candles. Others I know use the ends of pens, pins, needles, kebab sticks even – whatever works really.



Candles are absolutely essential. They are used in literally thousands of spells. Efficient Spell Casters ensure that they have a large store of them in all sizes and appropriate colors, and shapes even. Sometimes prior to use in magic, candles are ‘dressed’ with essential oils and loaded with herbs to make them more powerful.



Cauldrons, like broomsticks, are another thing that comes to mind on hearing the word ‘witch’.They are used to mix lotions and potions and any suitable, a heatproof vessel for spell casting as well.



Chalices are used for drinking consecrated liquids during magic, especially when more than one spell caster is present.

Some people use elaborate, metal ones studded with semi-precious stones… others enjoy the simplicity of crystal or glass. It’s simply a matter of personal choice.



Compasses are used by practical witches to establish north, south, east and west – essential in traditional magic making if they are weaving their spells in unfamiliar territory… or want to be very specific in their craft.



Cords are used to create magic circles in which to weave spells, and also in spells that are cast to create binding magic ie poppets and voodoo dolls.



Crystals are used for the power they add to a spell and also for altar decoration. Every spell caster has his or her favorite one, which they know from experience works for them.

Each crystal has its own power. It’s a matter of finding out what works best for the individual and essentially what suits the actual spell you are doing. Everyone is different.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are commonly used in spells on their own, to dress candles or are added to incense which is to be burned in the censer.

Essential oils are powerful and should never be swallowed or, with one exception, rubbed directly on to the skin unless diluted in a suitable carrier oil such as almond. The exception is lavender, which is one of the most popular and is often drizzled into a ritual bath to add fragrance to the warm water. Please Note: Pregnant women should be especially careful when using essential oils: some can cause adverse reactions that can affect the unborn child. Always read and research and ask for professional advice ie medical practitioners, qualified naturopaths etc.



Herbs are widely used when making magic and magic potions. They can be easily obtained from shops and markets and many are just as easily grown in a garden. If you grow them in a kitchen window box, some herbs can waft instant magic through the home. Herbs can be used to anoint candles for candle magic and other spells, and make wonderful charms when carried in a handbag or wrapped in a piece of natural cloth and kept in a pocket.



Incense is used in either powder, cone or stick form to represent the element of air.Traditionally it should be placed and burned on the east end of the witch’s altar. Incense is also used for mood setting, spell work and cleansing the space around us.



Pens are used for entering items in the Book of Shadows. Like everything else used in making magic, the pen can be consecrated before use. Some spell makers prefer a quill pen as they give a continuance of tradition from the days before fountain, ballpoint and felt-tip pens were invented.



The pentagram, a five pointed star. Each point is joined and they can be drawn without lifting pen from paper.



A pentacle is a pentagram with a circle drawn round it. Both can be either physical, made of wood, metal, stone, clay, or visualised. An object with an abstract pentacle or pentagram woven over it, or a physical one placed to protect against evil. The top point of the star represents the spirit. Moving round clockwise, the next point represents air. Next comes earth. Moving round, fire and lastly comes water. There can be color associations as well.



Talismans have long been confused with amulets, but there are distinct differences between the two.Talismans are used as magical charms to attract wealth, happiness and harmony, whereas amulets repel evil and protect those whom their power is directed from. Also, talismans are prepared for a special reason while amulets serve a general purpose.Lastly, talismans are endowed with supernatural power. Like amulets, talismans can be worn as jewellery, carried in bags and used in rituals to encourage spells to work.



A wand is to spell making as an egg is to an omelette, that is to say absolutely essential.It is used to draw magical symbols on the ground or in the air, to direct energy and call upon the power of The Lady.It can be made of crystal or cut, lovingly, from a tree. Some spell casters decorate their wands with signs of the rune, others insert a crystal into the point.


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