Understanding Kitchen Witchery.

So before we get all down and dirty, let’s talk kitchen witchery. What is it? How do we do it?

When does cooking become more than just cooking? Why of course, it’s when you stir in a little magic.

Many of the ingredients you use to make your enchanting meals, also have magical attributes.

Now what sets just an ordinary meal apart from something much more magical?

Well, it’s the “intent” most certainly! Kitchen witchery is an easy way to integrate magic into your daily life without all the separate fuss of a full blow ritual. As mentioned already many ingredients we use, such as herbs can be used to “witchify”, “electrical intensified magic” our next meal.

I know it’s all very word playful isn’t it and there is no reason why your next meal shouldn’t be as magical!

In a world of crazy busy, where better but to find the time to create some magic in the kitchen space?! You ultimately work 2 areas at the same time and can find more pleasantry in cooking, at times where you may normally resent having to do it ie tired etc.



Do you need one? Do you have one and not even know it?

The kitchen witches space is sacred. You should treat it as such. You can do this subtly – it does not need to be obvious. Like any sacred space, it should be free from clutter and CLEAN. Very clean. You should do this before each meal or at least regularly. You should additionally do a deep cleanse at least 2-3 times per year ie thorough cleanse in and outside of cupboards etc.

Items to consider are your refrigerator, freezer, oven, cupboards, microwave and any other frequently used appliances.

Clean under and behind anything that can be moved. Clean any furniture windows, walls, backsplashes etc. Mop the floor.

Be sure to cleanse your actual altar space too! A space often taken for granted and therefore overlooked.

Other points worth noting: Open Windows: Allow energy and smells to escape from the kitchen space, quite regularly. 

Declutter: Removal anything that looks horrid or too much for the space. Keep the cupboards free of clutter as well.

Sweep: Sweep the floor rubbish out and sweep to remove the stagnant energy.

Smoke Cleansing: Burn sage, lavender, rosemary or a  combination of these purifying herbs. Hex removing mixes are great too!

Palo Santo is another option if you don’t mind the scent.



Create an altar inside your kitchen to create a focal point for the specifically magical aspects of life in the kitchen.

This could be on a visible surface or in a dedicated cabinet. I have mine, right in the middle of the kitchen bench, because well, there is enough room for me to do so.

You can include any statues or pics of the divine/deity, paintings, flowers, crystals, incense. You could place a cauldron there as well. Any tools that help with your practice. Symbols, sigils, runes, of any type of quality or energy you wish to attract.

Amethyst, Citrine, Red Jasper are all good crystals. They represent spirituality, can help you feel calm, confident and boost your energy – let’s face it, cooking can sometimes feel like a bloody chore right?!

Potted plants are a wonderful addition to any kitchen, especially edible plants and herbs.

Some plants are not only decorative but provide some sort of magical energy, aura, even protection.

Basil for protection and prosperity, Rosemary is all purpose but used for protection as well… Aloe Vera for love, success and health… Cacti for protection, I love Ferns and are thought to encourage Fae to hang about. So don’t use if you are not confident with our Fae friends… 

You can burn incense, hang charms, hang dried herbs or place nicely in a bowl. You can even have your offerings in bowls near to the altar.


Dishes and the Cookware

Things we contain the food in der I know right… you can store your ingredients in these, your prepared ingredients in these…

Do you need separate tools and dishes for kitchen magic? This is personal preference. I do not personally because who the hell wants more than 2 of every item? BUT some people feel their magic does not work when used by mundanes or for mundane things. Truth is, you can always “cleanse” away that energy.

Dishes to serve your food in obviously.

Try to use wood, ceramic, clay, glass, cast iron, stainless steel and even enameled metal is better than aluminum and plastic – some feel these do not work in magic.

Cooking and Eating Utensils

Knives, spoons, forks, spatulas, whisks, ladles, sharp knives ie carving, all the fun little gadgets in your home.

Mortar and Pestle

This tool is used to grind herbs, nuts, spices and all things nice.

You place your ingredients in the mortar and rub the pestle along the surface of the mortar, which then essentially crushes and grinds the herbs to break down into smaller pieces.

Honestly though, I sometimes use one of those tupperware pully things ie herb chopper. Yes not quite the same but in a world where we are sometimes pushed for time, impatient etc, these work just fine.

It is also OK to use an electric blender – those hand held ones are bloody great!

The Cauldron

Ok so you may want to use this in the kitchen and that’s ok or you can use what some refer to as the modern version ie a crock pot lol. You can use your cauldron for spells done in the kitchen as well.


Where you keep your stuff ie cans, jars and things.

Your actual Home Oven

This is usually already in the home you live in. Running on gas, electricity normally.

Try to avoid microwave ovens for use in magic.



Set your purpose or intention before preparing each meal.

You should either have a recipe handy or clearly know what it is you are wanting to achieve.

If creating your own:

Select ingredients that reflect and suit your intention/spell.

Stating the obvious here: choose only foods you are going to enjoy! Nothing worse than choosing food that you totally despise! lol

Find a substitute or alternative to an ingredient, if it is something you hate.

Eat healthy and always choose self care.

When you are preparing your food, even before you get them from the pantry or fridge immediately start setting the intentions… visualise this thing you are attempting to create.

Eat with intention – the same thing. Visualise the energy of the manifestation.

Visualise this entire meal transforming you into this thing you desire, see it unfolding, see yourself as having this all now.

Remember, have faith, magic manifests as it should.


  • Make sure you are always in a good and positive mindset with creating ANY magic. I always say and believe you can TASTE whether there is love in food or even a coffee and I firmly believe that.
  • Even if something you are doing is dancing on the darkside, that too should be done in a positive and confident mindset.
  • Meditate prior to your creation.
  • You can either listen to music before or during. Set the mood and tone of this creative magical event.
  • Cleanse you, your space and set up protection.
  • If sharing your food, the other people should be made aware of this intention to help set it, however, if there is not interest, just set intention into your own food.
  • Use kitchen magic seasonally as well ie Sabbats etc.
  • If choosing to use magic in the darker areas, be sure you know what you are doing, why you are doing it and if it is even justified. I have seen many a person regret any such decisions. Our advice is to do no harm to anyone and definitely nothing illegal.
  • Spicy food is generally protective, but can also be used to cause harm.
  • Citrus is purifying, confidence building.
  • Sweet foods are for love and also manipulation.
  • Use and do what feels right for your situation.
  • You could consider starting a magical food diet, of course balanced, that feeds the intentions that you desire ie love, confident, whilst being protected for example.
  • Make sure you always seek medical advice.
  • Cooking and magic have a lot in common.
  • Don’t be afraid to practice and combine as mentioned above ie protection, feeling confident and loved ie 3 ingredient spell in the food. Visualise.

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So with the following recipe, let’s break down the ingredients and intentions to set.

Mint is great for fertility but can be used for wealth. Just make sure you are specific in your intentions or you might end up wealthy in babies lol. It can also be used in protection. Happiness and peace amongst other uses. But for the purpose of this example, lets say we are using it to set the intention of protection and peace.

Lemon can be used for protection in this respect and love, friendship and all things bright and sunny!

So you would visualise whilst gathering your very first ingredients from your supply cupboard, fridge or garden, seeing yourself protection and at peace.

You would continue that visualisation throughout the ENTIRE process from beginning to end. 

As this is a 2 part process over 2 days, you would start with the ginger and lemon mix and recontinue it when you are at the day of making the final drink.

Right at the very end you could add the words: so it is, it is so. Or mote it be. Alternatively you could ask your deity of choice to help deliver your set intentions.

This is just one technique. 



For the final drink

10 mint leaves

1 ounce ginger and lemon mix (30ml)

1 ounce gin (30ml)

4 ounces of soda water (120ml)

You could also use lemonade if you are going for a sweeter touch.

For the ginger and lemon mix.

3 lemons, juice and zested

1 inch piece of fresh ginger grated

2 cups raw sugar

2 cups water

1/2 tablespoon citric acid


Make the ginger and lemon mix first. You can do this a day or 2 ahead.

Place all ingredients into a large saucepan. Bring to a boil, stir until the sugar dissolves, remove from heat and let cool. Cover and leave overnight. Strain the syrup through a fine mesh sieve or colander lined with cheesecloth. Pour into sterilized bottles or jars and seal.

Uses: Make a hot or cold drink with one part syrup to four parts water or bubbly water. Add 1 teaspoon more or less to white or green tea. Splash some in with cranberry juice you can add vodka to turn it into a cocktail. Add to confectioner sugar to make a glaze for muffins or lemon cake.

Final Instructions

Place mint leaves in a tall glass, with the end of a wooden spoon or a muddler crush and bruise the mint leaves. Add ice, the mix, gin and water. Mix well. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and or lemon slices.

*Remember to do your prior cleaning, cleansing, setting of sacred space and so forth, before you commence your kitchen witch recipes.

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