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How to make your very own soap! – BeWitchy® Magazine

I make a few different types of soaps but this will article will help you source the most easiest method.

We’ve come up with a simpler and safer method for making your own hand or bath soap at home without lye – for safety reasons. These recipes are easy and fun to make at home.

Choose a recipe, a soap base and obviously from that recipe make sure you have all the other ingredients ie essential oil.

You will need heat safe containers ie pyrex jug, pot for stove top and silicone molds. Wire whisk or something to stir but whisks are great. Pot holders or heat resistant gloves or mitts. You should also have something to read the temperature of the soap.

Most ready-made melt and pour recipes can be done either in the microwave or on a stove top in a double boiler over low heat. Doing it on the stove top can give you more control and allows you to better see when the base starts melting. It also prevents hot spots or over-heating that can happen when melting in the microwave oven. If you don’t have a double boiler, make one by placing a small sauce pan or a glass Pyrex measuring cup into larger, water-filled pan.

Check to see if the base is completely melted. If not, continue heating it in short bursts of 20 to 30 seconds or so until it is fully melted.

Avoid stirring the base while it’s melting as this can trap air bubbles. Instead, let the chunks melt on their own and move any solid pieces gently around in the container if you need to help it along.

Once the base is entirely melted, remove your pot from the stove and place on a heat resistant surface. With a wire whisk, quickly but gently blend in the fragrance.

Fill the molds as close to the top as possible. Wait til it has totally cooled and solidified before removing from the molds. This can take 1hr to 24hrs dependent on the mold and mix etc.

Please see our Lemon Poppy Seed Soap recipe to the right hand side.

See our website for soap making kits. If you can not find any please email us to make orders. www.BeWitchy.com

RECIPE: You Need:

9 Cavity Silicone Guest Oval Mold

9 oz. (250 grams) White Melt & Pour Soap Base

4 drops of Lemon balm essential oil

1/2-1 tsp. Poppy Seeds

99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a Spray Bottle (not necessary – read instructions).

Instructions: Chop 9 oz. of White Melt and Pour Soap Base into small, uniform cubes. Place them into a heat-safe container and melt. Turn off stove top. 

Add 4 drops of Lemon balm essential oil. Use a spoon or whisk to fully incorporate the fragrance. Add ½-1 tsp. of poppy seeds and stir.

Check the temperature of the soap. It’s best to pour around 125-130° F so the poppy seeds don’t sink to the bottom.

Once the soap is at the right temperature, pour it into each mold cavity. After each pour, spray with 99% isopropyl alcohol to get rid of bubbles. You do not have to do this though.

Continue until each cavity is full. Allow the soap to fully cool and harden for 2-4 hours, then remove from the mold. Wrap the soap in plastic wrap to prevent glycerin dew. Enjoy & love!

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