A medium who couldn’t cope by BeWitchy

Jane started reading cards as a child… her mother was an avid reader, who took the practice quite seriously. Relying on the cards for future direction.

What her mother did not know and did not have the knowledge to teach her daughter was the power of protection.

The family was regularly haunted in all the homes they lived in but had no way of knowing how to deal with those spirits.

This went on Jane’s entire life.

In time Jane grew her gift but she coupled it with alcohol and drug abuse – one of the ways in which she learnt to deal with the pressures that came with being a medium.

She continued to be haunted in the physical and psychic realm.

In her 30’s she got her first job in a crystal gift shop, as a reader.

She became quite popular and yet still had no real idea how to cope with her gift and the spirits who chose to haunt her.

Additionally, the spirit guides who were working with her began to distance themselves, as she had broken the rule with regards the drug and alcohol abuse & using and abusing her gift in general… She began to lose her gift. Her readings were not as clear as they once were but what was more clear, was the psychic mental attacks and attachments… they were stronger than ever.

Eventually she had a nervous breakdown, seemingly possessed, she found herself in a local mental health institution, where she had to remain until she was mentally well enough to return home to her husband and children.

A spirit had attached itself to her (after reading for a client who took a disliking to her)… the spirit had been telling her to kill her husband…

Her nerves were so badly gone at this point, she was told by the Drs to not read ever again. For anyone ever. Now she was forever medicated…

She did put her cards away and finally sought the help she needed to help control the spirits around her – to stop the attacks.

She learnt some candle work, ritual work, cleansing and clearing techniques but it took her a good few years to be able to pick her cards up again.

To this day, she has never read professionally and never will.

Her experiences, far too many to include in this article, were so full on and so far gone, that it was not something any person would recover from easily, if at all.

Part of Jane’s problem was that she became egotistical. Stubborn. She believed that she was untouchable, like a god.

She refused the insight and advice from other psychic friends and acquaintances because she would not accept, that they were right and she was wrong.

She did not want to believe her lifestyle was contributing to those experiences and even to this day, she still abuses drugs and alcohol to suit herself and she still involves herself heavily with demonic shows, movies, possessions etc… she refused to accept that she was not capable of keeping the 2 worlds apart.

And just like her mother, she has brought with her a life of hauntings to her children… them none the wiser, even though she has the knowledge to prevent the occurrences, she chooses not to concern herself with all of that.

The moral of Jane’s story. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Lose the ego, you are not more powerful than the next person or a spirit. And stay safe, be smart, practice spiritual protection. Get wise and stay balanced and down to earth. 

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