What if I told you that for every kiss you give a frog, is an extra blissful year you get to spend with your prince charming?

Is there truth in the concept that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get the one and only Mr or Mrs Right?

Well?! What if I told you that the couple you envy down the street, both went through a mountain of frogs to find each other?

What if I told you that those frogs were life lessons, experiences, and character building?

I mean you have to admit that the frog is sometimes a cute little critter right? I mean you didn’t get attracted for no reason, right?

Have you ever looked back on a frog relationship and thought, you know what? I am glad I had that relationship because even though it was painful, even though it hurt like crazy, I do have some good memories, experiences or journeys even?

You know what? I can look back on a few, even the horrible abusive ones and still manage to take something positive away.


That’s not to suggest that you should or that you have to… everyone and everyone’s experiences are different. But I can tell you that even in some of the darkest ones I have experienced, I can take something ok away from it.

Example no. 1. Woman bashing, sexually violating “bull frog” no. 2.

Horrible relationship, I can tell you many a horrid story on that one, from being knocked out, raped and continually kicked in the kidneys. Verbally abused. Emotionally.

He was a truck driver, working away a lot.

Occasionally, he would take me along for the ride.

Of course, there was always a catch. So at a young age of 16, not yet a drivers license, he would make me drive the 18 gear + Kenworth, the Scania’s. I could reverse a road train, knew how to attach a trailer etc… so the one thing I took from that… skill, experience, travel.

Everything else? Horrible!

But at least I had that. It gave me confidence to know I could do something besides being beat up regularly.

Yes I agree, it was a shitty way to get the experience

but it was an experience I do not regret.

Him? Yeah sure who would actually have wanted that experience, but without it and the life lessons that came with it, I would not have learnt to drive a truck.

Additionally, I learnt about boundaries more so, recognising the importance of them, of being happy, living life the way that you want, without allowing some control freak, to tell you how you must live it.

So if you have to kiss a few frogs here and there? Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from it. Sometimes there are good things to take away from shitty love life experiences.

I’m not suggesting you will walk away scar free.

The key: Learn. If you do not learn? You do not change your own behaviours and patterns? Guess what happens? You get a repeat pattern, a line up of frogs ready to test you. Sure the occasional cute frog isn’t going to damage you too greatly but when you get the bullfrog? Toss it away quick smart! Recognise the signs. The way I see it though, every experience, good or bad, makes us who we are. Are you that bad? Do you like you? I don’t mind me! 🙂

Disclaimer: do not kiss real frogs – they can carry salmonella and other nasties. Additionally, you could actually make the frog sick, so please don’t go there.

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