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Bewitchy art & entertainment – BeWitchy® Magazine

“There are so many amazing artists out there who love to express themselves through their art. Anger, pain, passion, love, spiritually even”.

Luan started her fascination with the art world at a very young age.

She had relatives who were professional artists, readers, authors, writers and the like.

It was when visiting her Grandfather as a small child that really brought her to a whole new level of interest.

He was an oil landscape artist.

He really brought great attention to detail. It was here she recalls her true entanglement in the art world.

The level of depth this man painted was astonishing.

Seeing that she was very passionate about his art, he sat her down and taught her how to first sketch trees, bush and shrubbery. As their meeting was very short lived, but just a few weeks, she left with pencils and sketchbook in hand and continued her obsession with the arts and now you see today online www.BeWitchy.com

All the animations, comics etc all came as a natural part of the transition into the art world.

“There are so many amazing artists out there who love to express their lives through art.” BeWitchy

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